Musician's Emergency Resource Foundation wanted to increase their donations and benefit attendance. 


We generated ongoing photo and written content for the homepage of a more dynamic website. We improved festival booth design, consulted on ways to market for no or little cost, and taught them to improve workflow and organize information in the modern digital age. We created and built an email following to whom we write and send periodic newsletters, which increase their following and donations while simultaneously giving them a way to connect with their supporters. We set up a way for them to receive their donations as well as sell their merch and raffle tickets online. The foundation now sees donations come in after each newsletter and can monitor how many views and clicks the newsletters are generating. In addition to generating written content, we set up campaigns to share local photographer's photos of musicians doing their thing. 

In addition to generating content for marketing and fundraising, we also gathered organization details and wrote a grant package that they can use for further fundraising purposes.


Before we started generating content for MERF, they had no way of tracking their progress or contacting their supporters with important news that drove people to donate.


Here is just one of the segments of a newsletter:

Your money is doing some real good in Louisville. In the last month, we've been able to
  • keep the lights and water on for a musician
  • aid a musician with fees related to a stolen vehicle and instruments
  • keep a music industry pro's car insured
  • help with medical expenses for a surgery
  • refer these and  three ineligible people requesting aid to other potential aid organizations and options.
We were only able to do this with your help! Thank you!
Please consider making a tax deductible donation online by mailing your check to 
Musician's Emergency Resource Foundation
P.O. Box 22552
Louisville, KY 40252













Here is another segment where we helped MERF better fulfill their mission of educating people about local music by sharing some great news happening in the music scene"


Big Accolades for Louisville and Kentucky music!

2016 closed out with some really cool news for Louisville music.

Thrillist named these 20 Louisville bands you should have been listening to all along Click  Here.

These 7 Kentucky artists scored Grammy Nominations.

and This group wants to open a Louisville music museum.

Louisville Music Moment:
Joe Mays, Alien Twilight Photography, captured this great photo of The Birdies doing their thing. 

Got a great photo of a Louisville music moment? Send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll credit you when we share it in a newsletter or post to social media. Be sure to tell us how you want to be credited and share a link to your social media if you want us to link it.


2016 also took some favorite celebrities and musicians. :( We'd just like to remind everyone that when a musician you know personally or love from a distance passes, you can make a memorium donation to MERF. Send us a donation with their name (and photos if you want) and we will create a memorium page on our website. Your donation helps keep the spirit of music alive as we help working musicians during their most trying times with medical bills, food, stolen instrument replacement and other things to help them keep working.